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TCC™ Natural 9v Grah Goodluck Charm Leather Bracelet

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The Natural 9v Grah Goodluck Charm Leather Bracelet is a finely crafted piece of jewelry designed to bring luck, positive energy, and harmony by incorporating nine different gemstones representing the celestial bodies (Grahas) in Vedic astrology.

  • Material: The bracelet is made of genuine leather, ensuring durability and a comfortable fit for everyday wear.
  • Gemstones: Embedded within the bracelet are nine different gemstones representing the Navagrahas, which include (Sun), (Moon), (Mars), (Mercury),  (Jupiter), (Venus),  (Saturn), (Rahu), and (Ketu).
  • Design: The design of the bracelet is stylish and versatile, suitable for various occasions, whether casual or formal.
  • Clasp: It features a secure clasp mechanism, ensuring ease of wearing and removal.


  1. Luck and Fortune: The Navagraha gemstones are believed to attract positive cosmic energies associated with the respective celestial bodies, thereby bringing luck, success, and prosperity to the wearer.
  2. Astrological Harmony: Wearing the bracelet helps in aligning the energies of the Navagrahas, promoting astrological balance and harmony in one's life.
  3. Protection: The bracelet acts as a protective talisman, warding off negative influences and providing a shield against malefic planetary influences as per Vedic astrology.
  4. Spiritual Growth: The gemstones aid in spiritual growth and development by enhancing intuition, inner wisdom, and connection with higher realms.
  5. Emotional Stability: Each gemstone possesses unique healing properties that help in promoting emotional stability, inner peace, and resilience, enabling the wearer to navigate life's challenges with grace and equanimity.

Wearing the Natural 9v Grah Goodluck Charm Leather Bracelet not only adds a touch of elegance to your attire but also serves as a powerful tool for harnessing the beneficial energies of the Navagrahas to enhance luck, prosperity, and overall well-being while fostering spiritual growth and emotional stability.


Size : Adjustable

Metal : Copper 

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